Photo Workshops 2016


“My wife and I undertook the Basics in Digital Photography with Vincent Sung on the 7 September, 2014.

It was a great introduction to digital photography, and having only bought my first DSLR recently, it was a great opportunity to work through the various functions in practice, rather than reading the instruction manual (which is far less fun).

We learnt about lenses and their attributes, shutter speeds, aperture, ISO and white Balance. Getting a better sense of depth of field was really useful too. Focusing on getting the correct exposure, understanding exposure modes, and why metering is important, has immediately helped us with our amateur photography needs.

Vincent is a great instructor – passionate yet relaxed, he walks you through the course with ease and ensures you’re working at a pace that suits you.

I’ll definitely go back for another course in the coming weeks”

Stewart Davies
Communications Officer
United Nations OCHA
Bangkok, Thailand


Basic Digital Photography Workshop in BANGKOK

*classes are held at Sung Studio (Thonglor – Sukhumvit soi 40)

**tailored individual workshops are also available to suits busy schedule / short stay travellers

Duration: 3 hours | Days: every Sat /  Sun | Time: 10:30am-1:30pm or 3-6pm

To take good pictures, you need to take control of your cameras. Don’t just point and shoot! Take better pictures with this workshop for beginners. At the end of this workshop, you will gain confidence in using your digital cameras and move beyond your camera’s AUTO button!

Some topics that will be covered:

– Introduction to Photography
– Lenses and their attributes
– ISO, White Balance, Histogram
– Camera controls: Focusing, aperture and shutter speed controls
– Getting the correct exposure, exposure modes, metering explained
– Understanding depth of field
– Perspective
– How to capture motion
– Composition
– One Third Rule in Photography
– Use of Hot shoe camera flash
– Jpeg vs Raw Files
– Key Elements behind a strong Image

This workshop combines a theory and a hands-on session.


– Group: THB 2,500 (per person / min. 3 participants)

– Individual: U$D 150 per each class (THB 4,800)

More information: (Vincent Sung +66.0813 012 669)


Understanding Light in Photography

Duration: 3 hours | Days: during WE or Monday / Wednesday  *(private sessions available upon request)

Time: morning (from 10pm to 1pm) and weekdays (evening from 6pm to 9pm)

Lighting is one of the most important elements in photography. However, most beginners in photography often think that when they take photographs, they are taking the people, mountain or buildings. The truth is, you are actually recording the light that is reflected off these objects. Therefore, without good light, even the most compelling subject will not make for an interesting photograph. 

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to create an effective image with the most appropriate illumination.  

Some topics that will be covered:

– Introduction to Lighting
– Natural vs artificial Lighting
– Indoor vs Outdoor Lighting

– Color Temperature
– Direction, Intensity and Color Balance of Light
– Flash Photography 
– Working with ambient light
– Balancing Flash and ambient Light exposures
– Bounce Flash
– Avoiding Direct Flash
– Controlling shadows
This workshop is conducted in a small group environment with opportunities to practice hands-on what you have learnt. 
– Group: THB 3,000 (min. 3 participants)
– Individual: U$D 180 (THB 5,500)
More information: (Vincent Sung +66. 813 012 669)
EXTRA WORKSHOPS / inquire for specific schedule or to tailor schedule fitting yours

Studio Lighting Workshop

This is a workshop targeting at those who would like to learn how to use lighting in a studio environment. It is a more in-depth study into lighting for a studio set up.
Students will learn the quality of light, direction of light and how they matter in photography.
They will also learn some key concepts of lighting ratio and understand why it could make a good photograph or break it.
Students will get extensive demonstrations on using professional studio lighting equipment.
Some topics that will be covered:
– how to create the mood
– how to create lighting diagrams
– studio lighting principles
– how to build your lighting kit
– high key and low key techniques
– how to shoot using a single light source
– hands on practical session to try out equipments
Workshop fees:
– Group: THB 3,500 (min. 3 participants)
– Individual: U$D 250
2b) Studio Lighting Workshop with live model (Thai model)
same program but with a model
Cost per person (include model fee to be shared among participants): U$D 290
Duration: 4 hours (Half day workshop)

Professional Photographers Series


A Day in the Life of A Fashion Photographer
Date: (TBC with interested applicants)

Time: 10am – 6pm

Venue: Soy Sauce Factory Studio in Bangkok

Fee: U$D 250 (does not incl. model fee)  

Ever wondered what is behind all the glitters and glamours? What does it take to become a fashion photographer?

Why not let Vincent Sung, a veteran in fashion photography, take you through a day…to experience the life of a fashion photographer!Vincent Sung, a successful photographer based in Bangkok, was born in Korea, brought up in Belgium, and later lived in Paris before moving to Bangkok. He has worked with many international clients,numerous fashion labels and magazines like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, etc., just to name a few.Your day will start with some toasts and coffee in a design hotel, where Vincent will meet you and brief you on the day’s agenda. You will get an insider’s perspective and the first hand news of the opportunities available in the fashion industry. Various topics from finding the right locations for your shoot,totheknick and knack of setting up and preparing for your shoots will be discussed.Next, get to be a fashion photographer yourself and shoot with lifemodelsatlocation. In this hands-on session, you will learn how toset-upthelightingsatlocationandunderstandtheimportanceoflightings with respect to fashion photography. Vincent will also be showing you some ‘tricks’ and techniques of photography.The workshop will then end with a chill-out session where Vincent will be providing you with some tips and comments on how to improve your portfolio and photography skills. Your day as a fashion photographer may have ended here in Seoul, but we hopethismaykick start a career in Fashion Photography!This is a workshop suitable for anyone interested to know more about fashion photography, or simply wants to experience the ‘high life’ of a fashion photographer for a day!What you need to bring to the workshop:• a DSLR camera
• interest in fashion photography
• open mind & a dose of creativity!All other equipments/materials are provided.
Inquiries by email:
Vincent Sung (skype: visualsponge) 0813 012 669 (Thai mobile)
Vogue made easy with Vincent Sung

Vogue made easy with Vincent Sung

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