One comment on “FASHION & PORTRAIT PHOTO WORKSHOPS – Nov. 2014

  1. Vincent.I hope this email finds you well and happy.I’m sorry I have not written about my experience with you and the workshops earlier. I can not tell how valuable the lessons were for me.Fashion photography, was definitely out of my comfort zone and you helped me to discover a new passion in my life.Also, I have to say that it was most helpful to start from scratch and learn the complete basics. I found it best to wash away the bad habits and have an open mind from the start.As you know and we discussed before I left the USA.  One of the reasons I admired your work so much is the way you balance both the technical and artistic elements of photography. My desire was to achieve the best picture with the least amount of post processing.Well you taught me that and much more. Understanding lighting with the ease of your teaching style simply made sense and even though it may have seemed I wasn’t getting it sometimes you made sure I didn’t walk out of the session without re-capping the day. That helped any misunderstanding I may have had that day. At first I felt like a” deer in the headlights” when it came to working with the models. I simply didn’t know how to connect.You led me in the direction and made me feel more comfortable. At the time I didn’t even realize that you were teaching me how to solve the problem I was having. But you did. You built my confidence with every class. Soon I understood how important it was for me to first understand the model before I could direct. Plus you didn’t have a problem with “Why did you take that shot”. You style really made me think about everything you had taught me in the previous classes. I was like a kid in school, so happy when I had the right answer. Also happy when you easily corrected my errors.Just last week I had two great experience’s extending your workshops. First I was talking to a local Artist here in Ann Arbor.He knew I was flying to Bangkok for the seminars before I had left. He stopped in and asked me how it went.I had a few of them up on my computer at the time and let him examine. I forgot to mention I never did discuss what type of photography classes I went for. That’s an important part.After carefully viewing the photo’s he said, ” very interesting, they look like they would be in Vogue”. Needless to say that was a great compliment to myself but especially to you.The next positive experience last week. I met with a photographer that has a studio in town and does very well. Great work.But he does nothing in the fashion area. I first thought that he probably wouldn’t either understand or even like my work.He looked very carefully at each of the pictures I brought. Going back and forth.I waited. This week I will be getting my new cards, own phone line, profile on the website. Well as you guessed he loved the work.He admired the lighting very much, all to the credit of your teaching. Also really thought it was great to see the same models with totally different looks, moods even while wearing the same clothing and make-up.I will be start with getting used to the studio and doing some light work very soon.Who would have thought at the age of 53 I would be adding a new passion in this chapter of my life.Thanks for everything.I realize that not everyone will be able to attend all of your workshops. I do highly recommend that they try.Best to start with a completely fresh canvas and learn how to paint from the beginning.I’ll keep in touch and let you know how things are going.Thanks again,David Gibbons,Ann Arbor Michigan,United States Of America

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